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The Challenges and Joys of Thinking Outside the Box

Sometimes when you think “outside the box,” a world of possibilities opens up before your eyes. Lyle D. Gardner, founder of Evergreen Construction Company, is that kind of thinker. Optimistic and determined, he opened for business in 1978 with a vision that immediately set him apart from other developers and builders. He believed that intelligent, attractive design could co-exist with affordable housing and set out to prove his point.

Forty-four successful rental communities later, consider his point well proven. Averaging at least one new community every year, Evergreen Construction Company has a steady track record of designing, building, and managing quality communities in towns and cities across North Carolina.

The Secret of a Successful Community

Even though our name is Evergreen Construction Company, we are part of the entire process of developing new communities – from the moment an idea takes shape in an architectural drawing to the day you move in. Our dedicated staff is always available to make sure you’re settled in and happy in your new home.

We invite you to browse our communities above by first selecting “Housing Type,” followed by “City”. Then click the “Read More” button for more details on each community in your area.

Good Neighbors and the Good Life

You’ll find good neighbors and attractive, intimate communities by Evergreen Construction Company in towns and cities across the state. Right now, hundreds of North Carolinians — individuals, families and senior citizens — are enjoying a higher quality of life on modest or fixed incomes in a vibrant and friendly, well-managed Evergreen community. We invite you to join them. Contact us today!

Our Team

Annette Curtis

Senior Property Manager
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Connie Adams

Compliance Specialist
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Helen Hammond

Administrative Assistant
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Jennifer Fey

919-848-2041 ext 207

Kristen Kelly

Regional Property Manager

Lisa Anthony

Regional Property Manager
919-848-2041 ext 205

Lyle D. Gardner

Owner and President
919-848-2041 ext 101

Rebecca Quarles

Regional Property Manager
919-848-2041 ext 211

Rod Miller

Project Manager
919-848-2041 ext 203

Sherre Whitley

Operations Manager
919-848-2041 ext 202

Sherrill Johnson

Accounts Payable
919-848-2041 ext 208

Tim Morgan

Vice President
919-848-2041 ext 201